Homa Bay Adventures

So I have been rather busy with Tanari since I have been here and I have gotten to have many adventures. The most recent one was going to my dear friend John Ogandas home in a place called Homa Bay. Homa Bay is located just off of Lake Victoria. It is a days bus trip from Nairobi, where I am living, to get to Homa Bay. So we woke up very early in the morning around 530 so that we could make our coffee and travel to the matatu station, which is a small 14 passenger van that typically seats closer to 18 rather than 14. However, this day we were traveling in style, so much that I had my own seat and there were only 3 seats to a row rather than 4. For Kenya, this is luxury riding.

So we left the station around 8 to drive to Homa Bay, and about 3 hours in we are pulled over at a police inspection point. This was not unusual for a trip out of Nairobi however our driver we found did not have insurance!! This is a huge problem because typically the cops just pull you over and they have no ryhme or reason, but this time they had a legit purpose and could hold us there as long as they wanted. So we sat there for about 2 hours as our van was thoroughly inspected for others ways they could penalize and charge our driver a fee. Thankfully I have plenty of books and I was completely entertained by the children that sat and laughed and asked me for money and food just because I am white and they of course assume that I have tons of money to spare. We eventually leave because we pay a bribe and get the heck out of dodge.

We eventually make it to our destination around nightfall where a wonderful meal of the best chapati I have ever tasted and beef is waiting for us!! We met many of John’s family that night and had a wonderful evening where we went to bed early and prepared for the long day ahead of us. The next morning my friend David Bawks had prepared to speak in the local church and he gave a wonderful sermon on the LORD’s providence and love. Afterward we traveled around to many different houses and huts where we would take pictures and pray with them and enjoy their company. It was a long afternoon but a blessed one to see the joy in my friend John’s face as he got to share his home and his family to us.

That night we had a special treat of Goat. The special part was that I was to slaughter the goat my self and help prepare it for dinner. I will try not to be to graphic but I literally took the knife and sawed through the goats throat until it was dead and we than proceeded to prepare the meat and various body organs for eating. It was quite the experience and was my first kill as far as anything bigger than a large bug or insect. I would post pics online but I def have acquired a few vegetarian friends and PITA supporters who might be offended, so if you want to see the pics email me and I will send you some of the better ones. After we killed and prepared the meat we roasted it for feasting. That night we had plenty of food and I tried something that I have no need to ever taste again, actual goat stomach and intestines. Some may enjoy it but I literally had to force down every bite that was served to me. The next day we had more food and continued to enjoy the family and friends that lived in the village. That evening we traveled home by akamba which is a more comfortable bus set-up similar to greyhounds back home. We had no hitches or stops on the ride home and safely made it home the next morning around 430. It was a blessed time yet we all got home extremely tired and slept most of the next day.


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