Life and my Job in Kenya

For the past few weeks I have been working with an outdoor corporation called Tanari Trust.  It has been an exciting adventure thus far that has pushed me to my in many respects.  The greatest challenge is the need for technological and marketing improvements.  Tanari has really depended on word-of-mouth for their marketing and I have been working furiously since I started working there to change that perspective.  Even though my focus at Indiana University was Outdoor Recreation, I have spent a lot of time creating marketing brochures and flyer’s for Tanari because I have the computer skills to do so.  The office I work at is lighthearted and fun, and I have enjoyed it greatly.  I have had many opportunities to grow and expand the business. I have practically lead the facilitation of activities at a camp for children that they put on.  I ran a good majority of activities for 22 children which included setting up a rock climbing and rappelling site.  The LORD was working in this camp as we ministered to the children all week about the importance of abstinence and staying away from drugs using the CPR program, Creating Positive Relationships.  It was exciting to be apart of the camp.  It was also nice to get away from the city and do some hiking near a river and go on a trip to an area with a waterfall. The blessing did not stop at camp however.

This morning as I was updating this blog at a coffee shop called Java House I had a man sit at my booth and we started talking and I found that he was a man of some importance with the Kenyan Government at the Ministry of Roads.  We started talking about many things stretching from his saddening experience about being racially profiled at the U.S. border because he looks “Arabian”, and his family life.  But the most exciting news was how he talked about how the Government could really benefit to work with Tanari!  We sat and talked for about an hour as he paid for my coffee and talked about all things states and Kenya.  We talked about how the Kenyan Government does a big retreat for the “higher up’s” at the end of the year and he gave his contact and asked me to email him this coming week with a profile of our company and what we do.  He seemed especially excited about our Mountain expeditions and our rock climbing and rappelling trips!!  This contact will hopefully be an amazing boost for Tanari and their ministry!  For those of you who Believe in Christ you can definitely pray that this will be a contact that the LORD will use to benefit Tanari and its ministry to not only the Children of Kenya but the Business class as well. LORD has continued to favor me as I have been here and I am absolutely grateful.

God has provided for me in so many ways I can’t even count including friends, housing, and even the little things down to a free cup of coffee.  The first of which is my social life.  The LORD has provided for me many good friends here in Kenya and it number keeps growing.  It is a small world in that even one of my high school friends, Jessica Shewan is here till November, which has a nice to have someone who understands where i have come from, my culture and most importantly my American sense of sarcasm.  I also have found many friends at the Church I attend every Sunday called NPC Woodly.  God is working there as well and it is a joy to see.  Please pray that I will continue to be a blessing to Tanari and the house mom that I am staying with.  I have thus far loved being in Kenya and I can’t see that changing.  The LORD is good and he is continuing to provide for my every need.


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  1. Posted by Mumsie on August 22, 2009 at 10:50 am

    I respect how the Lord is doing a good work in Kenya, and you are in a church culture that has a great sense of trusting Him in the everydayness of your life. The Lord loves to reverse the curse, to bring blessing and fruit where there was loss and barrenness. I will pray that your presentation will have the quality and content that will attract some in government to use Tanari. Ir would certainly be an interesting thing to begin to attract such a caliber of influencers. Are you able to keep up on Kenyan politics while there?
    Please give our African friends greetings from our family at church tomorrow. Thank Rose for her kindness in housing you; what a blessing!


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