My New Start In Kenya!

Hello friends and family! Welcome to my very first blog!  For those of you who know and those of you who are just now finding out I am in Nairobi Kenya!!  I will be here till December working with an an outdoor team building organization called Tanari.  I will be working a bit in there office, editing and adding to their programs that they have with Corporations in Nairobi as well as local church communities.

First I think I should apologize in that I don’t believe this will be the most updated blog considering internet is rather shaky here and not always dependable.  My adventures here in Kenya have been many and I have loved every bit of it.  So far we have been pulled over a few times by the police at the various checkpoints that the police will set up to make a few extra schillings outside of their paychecks. 

 I also have climbed numerous hills and had long walks through Laganat Park where Liesel, Luke, my brother-in-law, and I saw two baby giraffes and their mother close up.  We tried to get close to the baby but it only got scared and ran which set off a whole stampede of zebras, antelopes, and a few other animals that we didn’t even notice were there.  It was a beautiful site to see and I hope to see many more as I travel.

 I also have had a wonderful time with my niece Ada June Mertes who with her family left for Kenya last August and has been growing up here quite happily believing herself to be a native Kenyan with the ways her accent and her love for the Kenyan staples like Ugali with is a thick flour cake which is very good yet like rice expands in your stomach about ten minutes after you eat leaving you extremely full and in need of a nap.  Another wonderful thing about Kenya and the level of hospitality is just about wherever you go you are at some point offered fresh hot Chai.   For those of you who know my family we love warm drinks and to be offered free Chai wherever I go is a wonderful thing. 

 Coinciding with hospitality is greeting each other.  Many people will come up to say hello and will welcome you into their homes with the phrase “Karibu” meaning welcome, and you are too reply with “Asanti” or “Asanti Sana” meaning “thank you” and “thank you very much”.  Whilst traveling here in Kenya I feel like a big hit whenever I surprise people with my small amount of kSwahili and they applaud and try other phrases that I haven’t learned yet.  It is interesting when trying to learn Swahili here in that most of the books you will find has a different form of Swahili than most people speak.  So I think that I will learn most the more I talk with people and ask them to teach me.

 For right now I will just work with my greetings and learn a little at a time as I go about Kenya trying to find a place to live as I will be here till December and you just can’t pitch a tent anywhere you like.  I have a few prospects at the moment with a house stay near Kibera with a wonderful family near the Church I have been attending while I am here.  There is also a house that a missionary is sub-letting till she comes back in January.  For right now my sister and brother-in-law are being very gracious and letting crash there.  For adventures in the near future I will be hopefully be visiting my little sister in Uganda next week just before I start work August 3rd.  I will try and update this site with pictures should anything exciting happens as I travel.


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